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final colors for red panda and golden lion tamarin

hey guys! got the red panda and golden lion tamarin all colored up. the otter's taking a bit more time-
for some reason scrapbook images are not working tonight so i'll have to just put up links for now.

for the red panda i had a couple versions-
a- the original
b- tail-less [not sure if it seemed off or mucked the composition]
c- dulled colors [if the brights are now too bright since this has been moved to the earth tones suit]

also the golden lion tamarin [looking at it now i'm tempted to lighten its face]

i went with traditional coloring then brightening up/editing in photoshop. especially since the brown lines don't always scan evenly and colors get lost. hopefully these are more a help than a hindrance! any thoughts, fixins, or ideas are welcome, otherwise, i'll be sending off the final images :]

Box Art Side One

Foxfeather sketched up the pandas and I painted them in Painter!

There are some bits I am seeing now I need to go back in and pick at. For now, I am working on the back of the box. :3


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Grevy's zebra final

Here's the final for the Grevy's Zebra, big ears and all:) I had some fun with the lighting and of course I love working with the limited palette. The colours in this are so nice and cool. It's interesting that my other card is all warm colours. A nice contrast:)


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Polar Bear Card

Did this one originally on two feathers and then photoshoped it to make it into a decent composition for the card.  I left it a little crude for the  sake of the original design but freehand painting tibral designs is a challenge!  I will post the original feather here soon to show how I enhanced it. I'm pretty happy with it and I trust you all like it too. :) It was more important to me to capture the 'feel' of the bear then nit picking on details.

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sketches - golden lion tamarin, sea otter, red panda

hey folks! sorry for being late with sketches!
i've been noodling with composition and am a real sucker for having the critters fill the space for the most part. hope its not too simple-
Collapse )
if you guys have any ideas shoot em my way!

otherwise my biggest question was coloring and style. i know a few of you are definitely sticking with your own style that may not necessarily be super realistic and i was debating between two styles -
-my usual solid color brown paper style [example 1, example 2, example 3] where i would use brush pen.
-or watercolors [example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4] which would go on a white paper base.

i wasn't sure how well the usual would fit and whether a more illustration-y watercolor might be more appropriate. there's always the issue of color palette as well...i landed too hearts [brights!] and a club [blues]! do you think the brown would subdue them too much?
i could always use both styles on separate images, but perhaps that'd be too inconsistent? i kind of like this idea but if its not something you think would work please say so!

thank you!
Ursa Lupe

Lee-moor Luv!

Okay, got it right this time.  This is a black and white -Ruffed- (I keep wanting to call them 'Tufted') Lemur!

Acrylics on a little 5" X 7" Clay Board.  

Red Wuff is next!

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Disneyland :: Adventureland

Pearl Island Boa

Beach in the background because they're from islands, and I like drawing tropical beaches. A lot. Probably going to paint it as a night scene, simply because it's hard to draw a warm-coloured snake on a sunny beach in col tones. :)

Should the snake take up less screen space? I want to make sure that the positioning of the body is readable.