March 2nd, 2009

bridge troll

final colors for red panda and golden lion tamarin

hey guys! got the red panda and golden lion tamarin all colored up. the otter's taking a bit more time-
for some reason scrapbook images are not working tonight so i'll have to just put up links for now.

for the red panda i had a couple versions-
a- the original
b- tail-less [not sure if it seemed off or mucked the composition]
c- dulled colors [if the brights are now too bright since this has been moved to the earth tones suit]

also the golden lion tamarin [looking at it now i'm tempted to lighten its face]

i went with traditional coloring then brightening up/editing in photoshop. especially since the brown lines don't always scan evenly and colors get lost. hopefully these are more a help than a hindrance! any thoughts, fixins, or ideas are welcome, otherwise, i'll be sending off the final images :]
barn owl


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