l (trufflehog) wrote in endangeredark,

sketches - golden lion tamarin, sea otter, red panda

hey folks! sorry for being late with sketches!
i've been noodling with composition and am a real sucker for having the critters fill the space for the most part. hope its not too simple-

if you guys have any ideas shoot em my way!

otherwise my biggest question was coloring and style. i know a few of you are definitely sticking with your own style that may not necessarily be super realistic and i was debating between two styles -
-my usual solid color brown paper style [example 1, example 2, example 3] where i would use brush pen.
-or watercolors [example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4] which would go on a white paper base.

i wasn't sure how well the usual would fit and whether a more illustration-y watercolor might be more appropriate. there's always the issue of color palette as well...i landed too hearts [brights!] and a club [blues]! do you think the brown would subdue them too much?
i could always use both styles on separate images, but perhaps that'd be too inconsistent? i kind of like this idea but if its not something you think would work please say so!

thank you!

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